Xining city women’s Federation will work around the city to do the work of the 6 aspects

reporter learned from the Municipal Women’s Federation was informed that this year, the Xining Municipal Women’s Federation in efforts to consolidate the achievements on the basis of last year, will focus on the overall situation of the city, and follow the development and rights of the working principle, positive innovation, solid work, mainly from 6 aspects to do the work of women children.

will be in the spirit of the 17th Party Congress as the guide, vigorously carry forward the Xining spirit, promote the innovation and development of the city’s women’s work; will highlight the theme of the development of the organization, the majority of urban and rural women in the overall participation in the construction of harmonious Xining, the deepening of women’s participation in the new rural construction, and actively build business platform for laid-off and unemployed women, lead based on the position of women in all walks of life and the establishment of new work; will further strengthen the propaganda and education of socialist concept of honor and disgrace, promote civilized new households activities, and actively carry out activities to create a family; the full implementation of the "two" and "two rules", to strengthen the rights protection efforts from the source, build smooth women and children’s letters of complaints and feedback channel the women’s Federation, the full implementation of "55" legal system planning, strengthen the "two systems" project demonstration county "Mother Health Express" the work of the project will guide; great efforts to do a good job of Ideological and moral construction of minors, parents work, continue to focus on building the demonstration school of migrant children left behind, and the "Spring Bud Plan"; women’s organizations will promote the self construction of the spirit of reform and innovation, strengthen women’s organizations and women cadres "double five ability construction, expand the areas of work, and strive to create a new situation in the work of the women’s federation. (by boat)


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