High cost the biggest problem for small and micro enterprises

according to the National Bureau of statistics Xining investigation team of 149 small and micro enterprises in our city sampling survey. At the end of September, the most serious problem facing Xining City, small and micro industrial enterprises is the main business costs rise faster. In addition, the production and operation of enterprises are also facing many problems, such as shortage of funds and recruitment difficulties.

9 months ago, in the survey of small and micro enterprises in the industry, only 15.7% of enterprises believe that the operating situation is better, half of the enterprises said that the production and operation of the general situation in general 149. At present, most of the city’s small and micro enterprises in the industrial production scale, product quality is not high, mostly on the production of primary products, scientific and technological content and added value is low, the lack of brand-name products and products with unique competitive advantage.

main business costs rise rapidly, becoming the most prominent problems faced by small and micro industrial enterprises. To reflect the main business costs rise faster in the enterprise, there are 34.9% enterprises that currently facing the most prominent problem is the rising cost of labor, 21.7% of enterprises that is currently facing the most prominent problem is the rapid rise in the cost of raw materials. At the same time, some enterprises are facing recruitment difficulties, 21.7% of the enterprises have recruitment needs to recruit a small part of the employees, 18.1% of the recruitment needs of enterprises are not able to hire employees; some enterprises are facing the problem of insufficient liquidity, currently half of enterprises believe that liquidity is basically normal, half of companies believe that liquidity very nervous or tense. In addition, some companies are still troubled by the problem of borrowing difficult, 33.7% of companies said there are borrowing needs but failed to do so. (author: Xiao Yan)


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