n our province, the third national agricultural census program training classes

9 20, Qinghai Province, the third national agricultural census program training classes in Xining, 270 agricultural census office from the province’s 8 cities and counties of the executive director and the backbone of the business will be 3 days of training, marks the province the third national agricultural census work into the actual stage.

This training by

, participated in the national training teacher, mainly on the filling process of various types of agricultural census census, the census program and client access techniques etc.. Through the study of students will become the county’s rural training teachers, and step by step training of census personnel, to carry out experimental work, to lay the foundation for the successful completion of the census.

it is understood that the third national agricultural census will be launched in December 31, 2016, due to our province in the alpine region, affected by seasonal industries, census home time will advance to the beginning of late October. This survey covers the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers and the economic and social aspects, including all business units, agricultural farming households, towns and villages, involving the province’s 425 towns, 4222 villages, more than 10 thousand agricultural production units and 960 thousand households.

According to Liang Hong, deputy director of the general office of the provincial census, the third national agricultural census program design content to achieve a scientific, logical, humane, and highlight the current "three rural" new changes and new features of the

. The census will be the first application of handheld mobile terminal (PDA), network reporting and satellite remote sensing and other modern information technology acquisition and processing of census data, improve work efficiency, the census data quality and service level.


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