000 elderly people walking the streets

The morning of November 11th, the Provincial Sports Bureau Zhang Ning in the hands of the starting gun sounded, tens of thousands of elderly people in Qi Shuashua street, which is sponsored by the association of "national Chinese elderly elderly walking interaction" activities, this event has been a positive response to the elderly in our city. The reporter learned that, in order to further guide the majority of old people out of the house, into the nature and experience of fitness, improve health, Chinese Elderly Association initiated at all levels across the country to host the 2014 National Sports Association for the elderly elderly walking linkage activities. The main venue of the event is located in Chongqing Dazu district. While the province organized by the Provincial Sports Federation walking interaction activities also attracted more than 10000 participated in the elderly, they are from the north square of Xining gymnasium of westbound Nanchuan River on the east coast, and then along the river to the zigzag bridge Nanchuan River scenic area, finally from the North Plaza bay to Xining gymnasium end of kylin. A long line of walking team, attracted many people stop to watch, and even a lot of people to join the team. This year, 70 year old Gao Xiangmei told reporters that the event will inspire more elderly people to join the exercise team to experience fitness, improve health.  

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