Xining economic and Technological Development Zone for 3195 college students to stay gold rice bowl

side enterprise employment demand, students there did not find suitable jobs, in order to let more college graduates find a job, since this year, Xining (National) four Park Economic and Technological Development Zone enterprise recruitment tasks into the scope of the assessment, a number of measures for college graduates employment through the convenient ways. Up to now, this year there are 3195 college graduates in the park to find the right jobs in the four.

in recent years, the four big park and Qinghai University and other universities outside the province, higher vocational colleges reached cooperation intention to "order training" and "directional Weipei" way of conveying for enterprise employees orientation training. Today, the park has set up a vocational training school, directly for the park enterprises to train all kinds of professional counterparts, to be able to use qualified technical workers. Only 20 companies in 2013 of the Dongchuan Industrial Park will recruit 972 college graduates, biological park 24 companies recruit college graduates 373 people, Nanchuan Industrial Park 15 enterprises to recruit college graduates 584 people, Gan River Industrial Park 15 enterprises recruit college graduates 1266 people.

in order to retain talent, let the university graduates play a greater role in the enterprise, the enterprises in the park at the cost of energy resources, in recent years, communication Ning food group and Qinghai University, Career Academy and many other technical schools, widely absorb talents, only this year to recruit 18 technical backbone. At present, the group has 84 chain stores in the chain store, when students have 7, Jia Mian is one of the university graduates, he from the clerk the most basic work, put more passion and innovative ideas in the work, the work done is booming, has now become the two chain store manager. From the general staff training to become a middle-level managers, the corresponding increase in wages. In the park, whether it is the Tibetan Culture Museum, Jinhe Tibetan medicine, Ning food group or the Yellow River beer, everywhere is the figure of college graduates, take the school that day, they found their own position in new jobs, aimed at their next development goals and direction. (author: Fang Xu)

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