Qilu wave surge cooperation is sailing

hospitality Shandong, the United States and Qinghai, a the Yellow River will be closely linked to the two places. October 30th to November 1st, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor of Qinghai Province, led by the party and government delegation went to Shandong, Qingdao, Ji’nan city study tour. Shandong provincial Party Secretary Jiang Yikang, deputy secretary of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee, governor Guo Shuqing accompanied.

Qingdao is the leading city of the Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, known as the capital of Chinese brands. Wang Guosheng, Hao Peng and his party visited the Qingdao planning exhibition hall, a detailed understanding of the evolution of human history and urban space pattern in Qingdao, praised the high starting point of urban planning in Qingdao, the new management concept, broad prospects for development. Into the world’s largest home appliance brand, the first group headquarters of Haier, Wang Guosheng, Hao Peng carefully watched the new technology and new product demonstrations, Haier group through technological innovation to enhance the competitiveness of products, has introduced the latest intelligent products impressed. China Qingdao Sifang locomotive and rolling stock company in the leading position of the industry in the rail transportation equipment R & D and manufacturing. Wang Guosheng, Hao Peng visited the high-speed train system integration of the National Engineering Laboratory, high-speed train assembly line, and boarded the 160 km per hour intercity train ride experience. In the first graphene Innovation Center – Qingdao international graphene innovation center, Wang Guosheng Hao Peng, a detailed understanding of talent introduction, project incubator, service platform construction, promote research and so on, said to learn from the development of graphene "Qingdao model", the development and growth of new industries in Qinghai in the new energy, new materials, cultivate new economic growth point. Qingdao bay port is the world’s leading container port and ore transfer base. Wang Guosheng, Hao Peng came to the container terminal, to understand the situation of foreign trade logistics port. During the period, Wang Guosheng, Hao Peng also visited the German Eco Park, and passive house technology experience center BGI project, Qingdao Oriental cinema, offshore oil engineering company in Qingdao.

after years of innovation, improve the National Information Communication International Innovation Park Innovation Resources enrichment, industry characteristic, service system, has become the main battlefield of Ji’nan high tech Zone business incubator, is super incubators in Ji’nan to foster innovation dream "". Wang Guosheng, Hao Peng and his party visited the exhibition hall of innovation, listening to the development of high-tech zones, the latest products in the area of enterprise development. China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd is the cradle of heavy truck production in china. Wang Guosheng and Hao Peng walked into the engine laboratory, laboratory strength, a detailed understanding of the enterprise application development, market, and visited with great interest the new products of intelligent truck, intelligent car, HOWO bus etc.. Ji’nan yaogoo sets up the "industrial pattern of a platform, a base, a park, attracted many high-end pharmaceutical giants settled. Wang Guosheng, Hao Peng asked in detail about the technical platform construction and technological achievements conversion, and hope that the two sides to strengthen cooperation and exchanges in the development of the plateau characteristics of biological medicine. Wave group is a leading position in the field of cloud computing in china. Wang Guosheng, Hao Peng careful understanding of cloud computing core equipment, key applications, integrated office systems and other products, the wave of the group’s achievements expressed appreciation for the hope that the two;

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