Xining City Administration of industry and food safety special rectification work see results

recently, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and food safety special rectification achieved remarkable results.

according to the characteristics of public consumption, in the renovation, the focus on business qualification is legitimate, "food safety law" responsibility system and whether the implementation of food safety management and daily life around the campus and rice processing and sales places, pay attention to food safety supervision system, increase efforts to crack down on counterfeit and shoddy, not qualified food and food additives abuse and other illegal activities, increase publicity and the importance of food safety efforts, do according to the regulation in place. At the same time, the food safety and food safety special rectification inspection combined, as of June 9th, the 8 inspection teams to check all types of food business households 2165 times to 1 wholesale markets, 3 markets, 5 large supermarkets operating 5 categories of 110 batches of food sampling. Three, expired food seized 731 bags, banned 1 unlicensed businesses around the campus, temporary stalls 2. (author: Yang Xihe)


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