Qinghai Province Education Examination network completed operation

in order to further promote our province examination and enrollment information construction, building an open, fair, convenient and efficient service platform, improve service ability and level of the work of examination and enrollment, in support of relevant units and departments, organized by the provincial examination management center of the Qinghai provincial education examination network has been completed and in January 22nd formally running on the line.

"Qinghai Province Education Examination Network" is the only official website of Qinghai province education examination and enrollment work, website domain name: http://s.qhjyks.com. The site is set up for college entrance examination, high school exam, self-study exam, test research, other examination, information disclosure and other contents of the plate, where the future of our province college entrance examination policies and recruitment information, by the Qinghai provincial examination management center portal open free, candidates, parents can directly from the website — "Qinghai Province Education Examination network query related information, handle the relevant business.

it is understood that the two phase of examination and enrollment in our province with the development of information construction, the province all kinds of entrance examination online registration, online voluntary reporting, examination and enrollment business will gradually implement online for students and parents should be related to information policies and make full use of the "Qinghai Province Education examination network" to understand and grasp the admissions exam, in time for examination and enrollment services, prevent on other sites, causing unnecessary losses.

examination management center to remind the majority of candidates and parents, in order to ensure that our province’s centralized recruitment information release and to ensure the authority and seriousness, examination management center and Qinghai source technology company signed the contract has been terminated, the Institute sponsored the Qinghai Recruitment Information Network "is no longer the examination management center business cooperative website, examination management center will no longer provide to the site of examination and enrollment data, enrollment policy information, the corresponding examination and enrollment data service, information release and all other business cooperation from now on termination. The website of the college entrance examination and other companies to sell their own business card by the law in accordance with the rules properly handled, shall not use the provincial examination management center to provide recruitment services such as the recruitment of data over the years and paid for activities.


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