After years of housing prices in Hangzhou press 30 thousand mark

2016 years of rapid development of China’s real estate, the price of the country has a certain growth, so that more people see the real estate behind the high prices. 2017, Hangzhou will be what changes? This issue has been affecting more people, the following introduction hope to bring you more understanding.

for many developers, the 7 day of the Spring Festival market break time has been too much, the state has begun to prepare for war.

at the end of last year, the unit price approaching 30 thousand of the future of science and technology city plate, out of the refined decoration of the unit price of 20 thousand, so the four seasons of the Chinese Red burst overnight, the transaction swept the plate. Recently, the market is about to push 29 building houses about 40 sets of 127 square meters, the main apartment layout four rooms, ensuite master bedroom, double bright. Relevant responsible person said, in the pricing system will be consistent with the pre launch listings.

is located in the west of the · the Grande Canale office also brought out a few days before the pre-sale permit, 1, 7, 8, 9, four buildings, a total of more than and 100 sets of houses. The upcoming launch of the main building 7 and building 8, a total of about 44 sets of houses, an area of 142-151 square meters.

In addition, the

will be introduced nine sets of 56 units. Chong Chong Chong Chong will launch more than and 100 sets of houses, an area of 125 square meters and 147. Everyone Greentown Jin Lin is expected to launch about 80 sets of more than and 140 square meters of housing.

is located in Hangzhou Jianggan City Ding LAN Sun City · Fei Liwan 6 floor will also push. This building is located in the central axis of the park, 90 square meters, three rooms, two wei. According to the China Index Research Institute data show that as of February 6th, the main city of Hangzhou can sell new houses, the area of only 4995 sets of 85-95 square meters. In addition, the real estate in the transportation, education, medical resources are also considerable advantages. In order to encourage old customers with new customers, each successful recommendation of a suite of customers will reward 5000 yuan supermarket card.

Hangzhou housing prices rose after last year, so that more people are looking forward to the changes in the property market after the year, many real estate prices are on the 30 thousand. And housing is still tight, which has led to an important reason for the high prices have been high in Hangzhou, a number of real estate launched various features, I hope the buyers need to understand the real estate.

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