The bridge noodle is good taste of authentic Yunnan flavor

Yunnan is not only beautiful, but also has a lot of food. Edge of the bridge across the bridge noodle, authentic Yunnan noodle. Joining the edge of the bridge bridge rice noodle project, is a very superior choice. The edge of the bridge across the bridge? Authentic taste of Yunnan rice noodle!

edge of the bridge across the bridge rice is how much?

edge of the bridge vermicelli is a dark horse of the rice noodle industry, rice vermicelli joined the restaurant industry’s rising star. It is famous, at the beginning of joining in the number of stores across the country is growing rapidly, a short time on the 100 home. It is understood that each shop will go after joining the company headquarters for professional training, until the real master technology allowed the rice noodle shop. Simple and elegant decoration, more suitable for fast food shop style, both early and late, you can come to this store to eat rice noodle.

cross bridge rice noodle is made up of three parts: soup, chips and rice noodles. Noodle Zeyi fine white, toughness is good. When eating with a large magnetic bowl, first put the cooked chicken oil, seasoning, and then the big bones, chicken soup, such as boiled out of the bowl into the table at the end of standby. After the table will be the first of the meat in turn, and gently poke with chopsticks, so that raw meat cooked hot. Then add raw vegetables, ham and other cooked meat, stir again. Reentry vermicelli, green onion, coriander, done!

with exotic cuisine, always very attractive to consumers. The edge of the bridge across the bridge? First class quality, the best choice for healthy and delicious snacks. If you are also very excited, then, hurry up!

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