A cancer care service for women to join the store

improve the standard of living, but is affected by the pollution of the environment, people’s physical condition is worse than before, the cancer rate is also rising, one specifically for female cancer patients and boutique stores came into being, certainly much.

"all my life and cancer are bound together." CatherineEasdown, who worked as a nurse in Vancouver, Canada, said. She wasn’t joking, and her mother, aunt, best friend, brother-in-law and two uncles fought with all kinds of cancer.

Easdown signed a contract to become the first franchise operator of CompassionateBeauty. In October 2013, her store opened in Vancouver. It was founded by the former owner of the beauty salon SaundraShapiro chain, selling breast prosthesis, special clothing, custom wigs and hats, provide medical tattoos, massage therapy, cosmetology, pedicure services, and focus on cancer patients health and life happiness. We talked to Easdown about how to care for women who need special care.

Q: what services are needed for cancer patients, while others are not aware of


A: we provide a service called lymphatic drainage massage. Sometimes, cancer patients who have had a lymph node clearance may form a fluid that causes lymphedema. This massage can help the fluid from the affected area, make them comfortable.

Q: I heard that you provide free

service to shave?

A: Yes, this is an important part of the service process. Some young women are really able to accept the bald head, they have no problem at all. They will hold a party and invite friends to join them with wine and pizza. To them, I would say, even though it may come, but for others, shaving is a private matter. We will meet everyone’s needs, but I recommend

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