One minute to breast self detection method female health network

4, with the remaining 4 fingers except the thumb, sliding on the breast, to circle the way or from the inside to the outside, the first sliding from lateral to medial sliding. If the slide is stuck, there may be a mass.

2, arms akimbo, and then raised, respectively check once the contents of the above.

6, put the four finger into the armpit, check if there is no mass. And then a little scratch areola, check the liquid spill.

5, lying, will be below a seat cushion on one side of the chest, and then move the four finger, check whether the mass.

1, in the face of the mirror, carefully observe the shape of the breast, the color of the surface, whether there is depression, nipple discharge, etc..

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3, open fingers, finger Diandian breast, check whether there is mass.

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