Qushi method of adults and children are suitable for the recommended effective methods to help wet e

1 in the above diet try to light a little now, whether children or adults love to eat some fried foods, and food is spicy, the food is not only easy to cause obesity will burden the body organs, the food is not easy to eliminate, so now more and more diseases, because they eat too much do not clean food market!

4 try to avoid heavy moisture, do not sleep on the floor, so that moisture will run into our body inside. Do not wear clothes that do not dry, it is prone to rheumatism!

how to regulate the moisture in our body? Moisture will cause heavy greasy hair children sleep in here to recommend some methods Qushi are suitable for adults and children!

of adults and children Qushi method are suitable for the hope can help to you, moisture exclusion can reduce a person’s weight and appearance, mental state and so on, the skin will be a great change! All the above method is suitable for adults and children. "!


2 children and adults can do moisture heavy brown sugar ginger and jujube soup, ginger is lukewarm ingredients, can be cold, sweating temperature and other functions, and the jujube can warm run cardiopulmonary, cough, make up the five internal organs, deficiency of treatment effect, brown sugar can warm the spleen and stomach. So the above three kinds of food to drink soup can promote blood circulation, to warm the role so for both children and adults is a good Qushi jiapin. Can also be of great help to the drainage!

3 regular exercise, exercise can remove sweat, will the body of water to run out of the body, and when the child body wet will appear heavy body, limb weakness is more reluctant to exercise, this time to get more exercise, you can choose not to violent movement such as yoga, Tai Chi, dance yes!

as a child body immunity without US adults, so it contains a lot of moisture in the body of the drug of choice is not very wise move out, take medicine at random will affect the child’s growth and development. Is the three drugs are toxic, adults humidity is the best not to choose to eat medicine to alleviate! There are a lot of practical methods for both children and adults above dampness for.

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