20 of the world’s most suitable cities for women

female entrepreneurs proportion is rising and becoming a team full of heroic spirit of innovation and Entrepreneurship of the legion. Foreign media inventory out of the world’s 20 most suitable for female entrepreneurs in the city, providing information support for female entrepreneurs.

demographic data of the report based on British experts market website listed 20 city in the world has the largest number of female entrepreneurs. China and Taiwan, as well as Japan and South Korea, have not been included in the analysis because of the difficulty of collecting data.

1.  Chicago (USA)   30%

2.  Boston (USA)   29%

3.  San Francisco (USA)   24%

4.  Losangeles (USA)   22%

5.  Montreal (Canada)   22%

6.  Paris (France)   21%

7.  Tel Aviv city (port of Israel)   20%

8.  Toronto (Canada)   19%

9.  Singapore (Singapore)   19%

10.  Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)   19%

11.  London (UK)   18%

12.  Moscow (Russia)   17%

13.  New York (USA)   16%

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