Public entrepreneurship to further promote entrepreneurship students entrepreneurship

now the whole society college student entrepreneurs and some of their entrepreneurial activities have attracted much attention, at the same time, now the country continues to hold some entrepreneurial nature of public welfare activities, in order to promote the college students entrepreneurship.

with entrepreneurship development tide continues to promote college students’ Entrepreneurship more attention, has become an important way for colleges and universities innovative entrepreneurial talent training. Entrepreneurship education is not only an important force to promote the quality education in Colleges and universities and the ideological and political education reform and innovation, but also enhance the students’ sense of social responsibility and practical ability, promote personnel training more in line with the effective way for university students to internal demand.

"I love" and "investment investment" jointly organized seico love entrepreneurship camp, campus, love, entrepreneurship is the key words of today’s society, also the substance seico love entrepreneurship camp.

To realize the importance of social demand

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