How to succeed in making a deep interpretation of liquor distribution in nine areas

to the depth distribution pattern of liquor sales business very much, but the sales results are not the same, some enterprises to achieve rapid development, and some enterprises may be the high marketing costs down. So exactly how to do liquor depth distribution? Nine strong interpretation.

, a product of low cost

the depth distribution of products are popular with the general price of products, focusing on 30 yuan of products, to meet the market needs of the vast majority of consumers. So, when the implementation of the depth of the distribution of liquor companies tend to be more popular in the low-end products, they do not pursue a large difference in product packaging and wine design. Many people judge, Zhijiang, Jinliufu, the old village of Daohuaxiang brand packaging is very general, not only the packaging material is very general, and bottle type, material is also very common, even the wine is almost no difference, Luzhou uniform, low cost, low cost strategy typical.

two, brand communication

three, the price of low-end

the depth distribution of such price range selection is mainly considered the average consumer daily actual consumption ability, is in the ordinary consumer groups must choose the most acceptable price, promotion or advertising by means of communication, can stimulate consumer prices, do not need to spend too long period of education. So, can the depth distribution of the product price must be focused on the low-end products above: the interval between 5 yuan / bottle –30 yuan / bottle (retail price), it is hard to imagine a working-class city or peasant class will be 60-100 yuan price of liquor consumption as its leading products.

the depth distribution of sales terminal performance product diversification, both the hotel terminal, there are also supermarkets and small retail terminal terminal. In the terminal, but the depth distribution enterprise vivid construction is relatively strong, such as shop signs, display, Duitou, posters, they rely on the construction of strong sales to create a lively atmosphere, to maintain the brand.

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