The pride of the people of Qingdao Tsingtao Brewery

the next step in the development of the real economy will be where? In many people’s view, in 2016 China’s real economy suffered winter, need to have their own development direction, so as to promote the positive development. In the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, Tsingtao Brewery is the pride of every Qingdao people.

era of consumer upgrades, product upgrades at the head. General manager Nelson Chinese Fan Yijin comments "2016 Chinese FMCG forecast report" said: "the popularity of mobile Internet allows consumers to instantly access to product reviews and participate in social discussions, consumers can quickly understand the product quality and value. Therefore, the pursuit of high-end, high-quality household goods has become the ‘new normal’, which will promote the rapid growth of the consumer goods market."

this list is a barometer of the soft power of Chinese companies, reflecting the current period, entrepreneurs want both a way out, but also sustainable and healthy development." "Fortune" magazine.

is the best way to innovate." Shakespeare once said. Alibaba, HUAWEI and other companies in their respective fields to show the ability to innovate. As the "evergreen China most admired company" star list, Tsingtao Brewery ranked 11 years has never been absent, it proved that: the Internet era, products closer to consumers, but the need of products.

success of the enterprise, must belong to the era of enterprise. Innovation and vitality of the Everfount into kinetic energy for the enterprise, whether it is the Internet, high-tech industries and traditional manufacturing industry, "all consumer centric" innovation to find a clear attachment and sustained, can win the consumers’ active ‘point of praise, keep fresh vitality.

Tsingtao Brewery

Chinese obtained through long-term development, the love of the people, we now not just in the supermarket to see their products in sales, sales is more product brand value, publicity through the WeChat public, by more and more people agree.

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