Zhejiang version of the bailout measures will soon introduce a strong solid real estate industry

real estate is now the country’s pillar industry in the new economic form is also facing a lot of problems in the development of the country, also have begun to introduce some new policies, in order to stabilize the development of real estate industry.

"notice" involves six aspects:

A, fully understand the importance to promote stable and healthy development of the real estate market

two, the objectives and requirements of

four, support and encourage the residents of housing consumption

five, and promote the construction of affordable housing projects

six, further implement the responsibility of

"notice" stressed: real estate is an important part of the national economy. Promote stable and healthy development of the real estate market, the implementation of the central steady growth, promoting reform, an important measure to adjust the structure, is to accelerate the new urbanization, the construction of the two beautiful Zhejiang important content.


"notice" in the reasonable arrangement of housing and land supply etc., have rigid requirements.

in "support and encourage housing consumption", related to tax, individual housing loans, provident fund policy etc..


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