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2 clean your hands first, then apply a mild, non irritating natural cream or a little milk on your hands. Give the breast for a specified period of time or hot compress therapy. Then relax your mood. Gently squeeze the areola, and his hands gently massage the breast skin. This can stimulate the secretion of breast breast function. After the lateral direction of the nipple to the breast massage, we must pay attention to efforts to maintain moderate. After holding circular hard massage.

3 thumb and four fingers close together from both sides of the chest to the center of the chest push to prevent the chest outside the expansion, about 30 on each side of the breast. Then with the right hand from the left breast will push up the left breast, must be pushed to the breast above the clavicle. Push the left breast. Massage 30 times, then massage the right milk. With the hand like a shape, covering the breast. Slightly bent, hands over the breast from the bottom, the need to pay attention to is not the lower part of the breast Oh, pull on the breast to the nipple for pulling action. Repeat this action 20 times. Both hands around the breast to do circular massage until all the essential oils are absorbed so far. This massage can promote the secretion of milk, eliminate the tension of the chest and make the skin smooth chest.

of breast massage is very good, not only can promote breast development, but also can guarantee the health of the breast, female production after need to give the baby feeding, breast-feeding if it can be timely and effectively to breast massage you can provide more sufficient milk for the baby, but also makes the breast health can be more forceful, here speak about what the lactating breast massage method.

1 first hand will hold up the breast from the roots of the breast, then use the other hand thenar muscles, which is the root of the thumb muscle, massage to nipple direction several times. After the two hands in the nipple area lightly twisting, so massage about half a minute, then the hands of thenar muscles and push the chest to take three minutes after the massage from the outside to the nipple massage. Then use both hands alternately in the chest massage, while maintaining a clockwise massage until the skin has a warm feeling for the best.

lactation breast massage method? Above introduced on the breast massage three methods, we can follow the above method for breast massage, massage can play a very good effect oh.

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