Xin Hui join conditions

Sichuan to taste delicious spicy spicy is known, is a major feature of Sichuan, and regional differences in diet, there are ancient records of the Eastern Jin Dynasty historian Chang Qu "still had good taste, spicy food culture" describes the land of abundance. More than a thousand years later, in Shanghai, the famous Oriental City, is still adhering to this tradition. "Spice" exchange since 2004 founded since, by virtue of the pure spicy taste of traditional cooking techniques; strict in demands; all customer demand as the center of the service concept; fashion and environmental interpretation of the rich connotation, all threads neatly tied up Sichuan culture. Now, "spicy exchange" has become a famous place in Shanghai taste of Sichuan, in this land, we will write "is good taste, spicy" legend! So what conditions need to join the brand


what are the conditions for joining the

specific conditions are as follows:

1. Xin Hui Hui who need to have entrepreneurial desire and dream of success

2. agree with Xin Hui Hui joined the business philosophy

3. be able to follow the brand standards and requirements for store management

4. has plenty of money

5. integrity management, has a good geographical relationship

6. Xin Hui Hui franchisee has the ability to assume the overall operational risk

7, the image of the brand is the need for everyone to maintain, as a partner of the brand, we must maintain the reputation of the brand, establish a good brand image.

join the following rights:

1. franchisee, enjoy the right to use the brand and all the right to operate

2. image of the right to use: free headquarters unified VI image design system, to achieve the overall image of the national store

3. regional protection: according to the actual situation of the regional market, in strict accordance with the development of the brand development business shop area limits the development of franchise stores to strictly implement the principle of clear district protection

4. Performance Award: the completion of the contract to join the purchase of the store, the headquarters are given a generous monthly rebate and annual rebate

5. agency priority: under the same conditions, the franchise has the exclusive right to buy out the area;

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