Thinking about entrepreneurship in e-commerce era

e-commerce era, the threshold of entrepreneurship has never been so low, the electronic business platform is also known as entrepreneurs paradise. As long as you pay a little bit, you can easily build a network of shops, many entrepreneurs in such a field constantly groping forward.

three years below the enterprises pay more attention to the electronic commerce technical support services, logistics services; more than three years of business, pay more attention to the network security and payment problems, talent demand, investment demand and demand policy.

1980 born entrepreneur Qian Jundong is a typical representative of student entrepreneurship. From the beginning of the earliest in the campus reselling Walkman, IC card, money toshifuyu set up a company called "the three of us are walking together", and further make the logistics group purchase in the campus.

through 10 years of unremitting efforts, the University from start to now, the company has opened a branch in the 18 provinces, the company employs more than 100 people, an annual output value of billions of dollars.

about the entrepreneurial process difficult, money toshifuyu bluntly is the most difficult financing difficulties and difficult to find talent and motivate people. The survey shows that the proportion of the financing needs of e-commerce young entrepreneurs 500 thousand or less accounted for up to 35.1%, the proportion of financing needs of ~99 to reach 29.7%. More than 70% of young entrepreneurs in order to solve the financing needs of small loans.

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