What good projects can be done in winter

winter is the season of all things quiet, how to start in the winter, winter, what good projects? Xiaobian for you to recommend a few winter can earn a good project! What good projects can be done in winter? May wish to take a look at!

winter what project can do? Adjustable constant temperature electric mosquito net technology

, especially to the old gentleman. Members declared "adjustable constant temperature electric heating mosquito net is also aimed at the gaps in the market, another way to achieve the winter heating demand.

relative to the central heating in the north, many of the same cold area in the south, when sleep at night can only use electric blankets and other items to keep warm, but should not be used for a long time as everyone knows the blanket. So, what are the ways to keep us healthy and safe in winter?

mbayu "constant temperature automatic control instrument with constant temperature electric heating mosquito net" will take the security switch can be used in digital electronic mosquito net, people can not catch cold night temperature. When the utility model is used, the utility model only needs to press the button, the temperature is adjusted, the electronic wave is woven into a mosquito net shape, and the temperature error is not more than 1 DEG C within a period of 12 hours.

winter what project can do? "Self heating cans" technology

Self heating cans technology of the utility model is

This technology

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