Silver jewelry store should choose to open a large area

since it is open physical stores, will naturally be subject to the limitations of the area, after all, only have a certain area of the store, will attract more consumers, the store’s business will be better operations. So, how to choose a large area of silver jewelry store more appropriate? Investment funds is abundant, and in terms of earnings expectations of investors is relatively large, without too much concern for the shop location and area, but more is to pay more attention to what the brand can bring satisfaction for their own benefit.

for investment funds compared full small investors, in their choice of shop area of the tangle, often from the rent and the size of whether can affects the later operation effect problem. Then combined with the actual situation of investors to open a silver shop to choose the size of the store is more appropriate?

50 square meters or more: such a silver shop will generally be relatively strong strength of the choice of investors. For this kind of shop, it is quite adequate space, to ensure that the series of products and the feeling of the category, the color of the layout of the reasonable layout of the store is the basic framework. In addition, the customer into this big shop will produce a "big brand strength" feeling, so they will slowly choose favorite products.

20 to 30 square meters: the area of this kind of silver shop is not small, and will appear in the major shopping malls, in the form of counter. Such a store can not display the full range of goods within the color, but must ensure that the complete category, a different area of the shop, the customer into the store to buy psychology will be different. Medium sized shops for goods must give customers a sense of abundance, so that customers feel that something can pick.

10~15: this type of jewelry stores square meters will generally appear in a large supermarket with shopping floors, such shops generally carried out in boutique form, with the growing popularity of fashion life, consumers are increasingly keen on luxury consumption, therefore, the display in the shop inside the shop to ensure the coordination of the layout of the style of the novel and color collocation, make the customer feel that these are all the styles in the main clause. In addition, if it is 10 square meters of small shops, can be installed on the wall mirror, it can enhance the sense of space and goods shop sells all sorts.

if the financial strength, almost every investor should be able to open a larger area of the store, however, the shop is also a lot of factors associated with entrepreneurship. Therefore, if you want to open a satisfactory silver franchise, also need to combine their own strength. In short, silver, after all, is not the general small adorn article, for the area of nature there is a greater demand. So, if you open silver shop, you will choose how much area?

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