Who is the subversive of the local website s born 95 after knowing the difference between movement

needless to say, there are a few daunting things to do with local web sites:

1, community products flow decline: rapid development in the region of the city is still the city (including the Midwest and northeast), site traffic to BBS as the main body has begun to decline.

2, mobile trends and the invasion of vertical sites make it harder to manage: just focus on the community and sell ads. Now there is no professional website, income is bound to decline. This requires the website to have to go fine and professional road, which directly results in the difficulty of management.

3, mobile products are still wandering, PC end software free feast will end: Alibaba bought PHPWind, the BBS development business castration. Discuz is still struggling, but the update speed is slowing down.

What is the result of

three resulted in the difficulties? The biggest problem is not the flow of the entire PC industry began to decline, in fact the flow are in decline, not only is BBS, this is the natural flow of product diversification after differentiation. The biggest problem is not technically free lunch, through the development of about 5 years, in 2014, many county stations in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces will reach annual income of 10 million scale. The biggest problem is the industry’s leading – Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta where the site began Pashu, Qiuwen, just in order to safeguard the vested interest and efforts. As a vested interest, in the state of mind, many people do not want to fight, afraid of innovation,


summary of the above phenomenon, I think: the extensive management is outdated, the industry has turned to the entrance flow localization has several major websites in depth, the whole industry into the development phase of the advanced and mature stage of early. And then a new question is beginning to plague us: is this area going to be evergreen? Who will be the subversive of the local web site?


website will subvert the place is not in front of the predators? Not! Predators outsourcing is a group of a motley crew station. These outsourcing station operators, put on the skin is not for predators to predators of user resources, brand value, only one purpose: to make money! By these partners separately set up a building? Tell some fantastic tales of


local site subversion is not traditional media new media site? Not, they are subversive and emerging local website industry entrants. The new media website with a golden key was born in traditional media, is rich and concubines. The newspaper and TV industry downturn forced them to stand on their own feet, they suddenly: bitter life is not easy, no users, lack of reasonable profit model, relying only on the past reputation alive, it


website will subvert the local grass root before entering the industry is not?! to see: the industry threshold is more and more high, 3, 5 people will be home, how can BBS, micro-blog and WeChat APP? According to the current routine with the eyes of the strong.

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