Old webmaster do stand 5 years sad experience Road

from the original time to do the webmaster, to now, count has been 5 years, 5 years, the website encountered bit by bit, there are a lot of joy, of course, more difficult and sad. From Chinese station to English station, from the blog to CMS to the forum, from SEO to SEM, from CSS to PHP, it can be said that the various problems encountered in personal webmaster, need all kinds of technology, these five years, I experienced a times, also have a lot of experience.

the Internet is a great platform, contain infinite vitality, but how to find him, we need to continue to explore, summarize the past 5 years his own path, want to put my experience to share with everyone.

1., think patiently before you do a

many webmaster, have ideas directly on the website, this is not correct, the site is the first idea, secondly to consider idea is feasible, so there is an idea, we must from the website design, SEO, maintenance, check out this website whether we can do it for a long time, if you can. Then we go to do this station. 3 minutes is a lot of problems, the final result is bad, lose the wife of another soldier.

2. site to select the appropriate program

I remember the first site, I do is a forum for a year, not what traffic, then simply changed to CMS, the flow from a few hundred, do 9000+, that is to say, for different types of Web sites, using different procedures, it is necessary to. If you do resources, use the portal. Use forums if you want to interact with each other. If you want to make a single keyword, use the blog. This is the webmaster must master, don’t just use CMS, all with CMS, want to understand all kinds of procedures.

3. mastering website technology

The beginning of an

, I can only use the existing procedures, but when you need to expand the site, you can develop program development plug-ins, so in the process of doing stand, Adsense don’t concentrate all in the higher, to put some more time in learning, in the latter part of the marketing. SEO, including maintenance, we all need to program automatically, so webmaster programming, we cannot.

4. follows his own interests,

I love English, so I stood most is focus on learning English to start, with interest as the core of the site, you will not feel boring, for example I do VOA English learning network, daily updated resources, in fact, I learned English by the way, every two. Many friends in order to earn money to do web site, I think it should be for interest in site, money is natural thing.

5. refinement without asking for more

a person, dozens of stations in hand, one station a day, advertising costs a few dollars, as a person in the hands of several stations, a!

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