Rookie station can also have a good ranking

I’m a rookie, a real rookie. HTML won’t, neither will ASP, nor HPH. I will only use people’s things, what free 5D6D, free DEDECMS, free Discuz… In short, that is, will only use some of the ready-made procedures, I will only fool station. Obviously, you already know how much I have, so, SEO, I just know how to write three letters, not how to use them. Although I do not have SEO cheats, there is no skill, but I want to write about, and I hope that the same dish as my friend a little help, we will change together in the future, only birds". (please pass master or give little advice)

I do local forums, and now I BBS the main keywords in Baidu ranking is good, all in the top three, here not send address, avoid the misunderstanding is AD.

I’m such a dish. How can I have a good ranking in the search engine? The secret is that there are no cheats, hehe…..

"A lot of things are very simple, but you just don’t know the way,"

Wang Tong said in his SEO tutorial. Many webmasters say, "SEO isn’t as simple as we think it is. It’s a very esoteric knowledge.". I don’t quite understand what they mean, and I don’t want to know what they mean. I just know, as long as I can do the most basic things in SEO. The rest is to do your station, as long as we enrich the content of the station (not collection, not all is to copy and paste), good publicity, flow up, and more repeat customers, you don’t want to have a good ranking in the search engine to


seriously do stand, do not abandon, do not give up, even if you are rookie, in search engines, you will have good rankings,


is not written well, please include more!


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