Translation enterprise WeChat subscription number of business solutions sharing

In order to make

more of enterprise WeChat marketing more in-depth understanding, share with you today the translation industry how to use WeChat subscription number more quickly find customers, to establish the depth of contact and client platform, the WeChat number read operation scheme is also suitable for other industries, what are the details of the following, if you do not understand, please read the previous update WeChat marketing related articles.

1, competitor analysis,

Study on the rival

WeChat public number is an important step to ignore you, you can view your target keywords and rival brand name, WeChat in the public account in the basic situation, such as the "translation company" as keywords, in the "add friends" click "find a public number, enter the" translation "keywords, see the top ten micro signal how they operate WeChat, the overall understanding of the industry is very valuable. WeChat operators need to learn about competitors in the following areas.

A, can use a form to WeChat name, micro signal, function introduction, authentication, content, update frequency, record, and find out their operation, shortcomings, advantages in where?.

B, see if the auto response is humane,

replies directly to some of the keywords and looks at the details.

, C, and what channels did they use to promote WeChat


is generally to see how they guide users on the site concerned about WeChat two-dimensional code, as well as online consulting tools, micro-blog, etc., is also synchronized propaganda WeChat?.

2, WeChat subscription number positioning

WeChat is not a marketing tool, we can understand that another channel can interact with the user, the translation is a very refined professional market, we prepared to do WeChat marketing, we should do the homework, for example, is what people need, if they use WeChat, will pay more attention to what


I understand translation is generally to enterprises, individuals need to translate the small volume of business, some are big business around the world, the market survey, you can communicate with the sales director in detail, because the inside is too thin, it is against the occupation moral.

A, registered WeChat subscription number details

name or brand name WeChat keywords, the most ideal name is (brand name + keywords), such as love cooking translation company; describe the company’s advantages in the "WeChat function", and includes the telephone consultation, for example 10 years as the world’s top 500 enterprises and 10000 enterprises worldwide, providing global 60 languages billions word translation service, translation service hotline: 24 hours hours; WeChat head general enterprise LOGO. "WeChat SEO lets your fans automatically increase"

B, content location

WeChat content will play a more and more important role. A good copy may keep you from being absent

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