To do SEO, we can’t ignore the strength of our competitors

Hello, I’m Beijing Midea air conditioning maintenance. I introduced a lot about how to do the optimization for everyone in front, how to grasp the details, but the real emphasis on strategy, emphasis on certain skills, but little has been done to speak, I want to analyze a problem deeply about our webmaster do SEO need a special attention today, this I believe everyone and I will think of his importance, that is the strength of competitors.

a personal capacity, in addition to general he can do many great things, but also his enemies are more powerful, more powerful enemies, if you can beat them, then you certainly demonstrated ability is stronger, this is without a doubt. This is a SEO, we can only have a Baidu keyword first, then we will achieve this one first, it must overcome all the competitors, we are at the beginning of the new station, behind is very normal, what we need to do more than their every day must insist on doing things should also pay attention to the analysis of competitors do. What I want to introduce to you today is how to analyze competitors.

1, find out who is the competitor,

is a competition for slightly larger competitors is considerable, which we can look at the front page how many separate sites, the number of independent web page three, five page number, generally as long as more than half is very big in this competitive industry, we need one by one find out the list of these competitors. But it is not so simple to find these competitors enough? This is not enough, given the observation and analysis of optimizing a website of the general need for long time in the industry, we need to do is to begin for some new and old site for some analysis here. For example, some ranking has been very stable, this site will need to return to his old rival, some standing is recently out of nowhere, because the Baidu algorithm adjusted or the site optimization efforts enough get good rankings, which would be classified as a new site. In this way, through observation, we classify these sites so that they can find their advantages and disadvantages in the next analysis of competitors.

2, analysis of competitors’ strengths and weaknesses,


analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, there are many factors to consider, of course, some simple data are very important. For example, included, the chain, snapshots, PR, has many friends of the chain, here I can find the key point of finishing some of the advantages and disadvantages of competitors, this is not just the surface of the data, we need to conduct some analysis.

, A, and the top of the site. We need long time observation, because I think a website ranking can keep the time directly determines the weights of the site, a long time in the home, more to the station optimization do very well. I remember before I did www.>

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