The process of website profit is soaked with earnest, low-key and lasting

01 years to start making contact with the network, personal homepage, basically are some web BBS Hunguo, thought only interest, using the free domain name + free space. So you have been playing for 05 years, the process is one family, find free space.

registered the first meter in 05 years, and at the beginning did not know what station to use, so it kept writing blog and using pj-blog. Wrote about half a year, and later want to simply use this domain name to do a stand, so there is a portal similar site, basically is that kind of hodgepodge site. The main directions are common. They are tutorials, resources, and workplace stuff. Because something is very complex, the beginning is completely through the search engine to get about 6 thousand of the IP, but the good times don’t last long lasted 3 months, probably, was later dropped right, was too greedy, a station with 3 meters, and do a lot of links. Except for a garbage station, it is probably the reason why it is possible to estimate the right to drop.

later deleted the site, continue to write blog, and indulge in the game has not been decided to make a stand, then the flow of time also did not think much of the advertising, feeling site traffic up only, and have a sense of achievement.

then later in 06, after the plan to do the station, the field fixed to the industry station, do not consider making a hodgepodge. After every day updates, just want to do the station again. Always did not care about traffic statistics was put very simply drag the page loading speed, no statistics, etc. to do in the first half of 07, found the GG back every day can have a knife, so he had the power, it can also be found in the profit flow up. When the first 100 knives, the station as a career, and strive to do a good job of him, better for visitors to the site to help. When the website traffic returned to 6 thousand IP, the server was purchased, and the website was much more stable with better space and platform.

although took several money, has been this as his own luck, and dare not say what technology, the more do more find themselves not what technology, updated every day, just like a coolie.

summed up a few words is:

low-key, hard-working and persistent……

now completes the next goal:

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