Tencent product manager readme a product manager is most likely to fall into the pit

The horse said:

product manager, referred to as "PM" in science and technology, male rule of the Internet era, the word fire, everyone has become a product manager of momentum. Zhang Xiaolong, the father of WeChat, is regarded as the God of product managers. Behind the deification of product managers, Tencent Tommy has something to say. In his view, product managers are divided into two categories: to, C is just a vulgar businessman, to B is the construction of ecological "real man."".

Wen / Qin Hao Tommy

editor / Wang Ruicui Jing

when doing to C products, I very much despise the students who do to B products, think they are just doing support enterprise applications.

later, after participating in a complete to B platform level product build, I changed my previous thoughts. After the completion of most of the major functions of the to B product, the company division adjusted, and I was transferred to a new to C product line. When the job was over, I suddenly thought, "


to C products sell feelings too hypocritical, all day to pull the user details, do everything possible to cheat the user charging members to buy props, the business is very vulgar.

to B products is the construction of ecological "real man", small changes will affect the industry pattern, but also tens of billions of mass support. Even if there is no opportunity to participate in the construction of the ecosystem, is doing support enterprise applications, it also released human resources, improve efficiency, without the support of enterprise applications, companies simply can not work.

after the transfer, I often recall and buddies, once to B products are also very newbier, build a system of a system of Tencent, Mobile Games billion business, all rely on our support. You cool running every day, World War II aircraft rumors took 60 months year-end bonus, regardless of what we can. In fact, whether it is to, B or to C, because of the experience, so it is my deep love.

all right, go back to business.

, to, C and B to end product value reflects the biggest difference:

to C products are the discovery of user requirements, the definition of user value, and the accurate promotion of the project team to achieve this goal.

to B products are built according to the company’s strategy or work needs, to build the ecosystem, or to promote the process of systematization, improve efficiency.

speaks a little bit, and the vernacular is:

to C products are you go to tap user needs, is created from scratch.

to B product is a company strategy or related parties to you request, product manager will this kind of "offline existing needs" systematized, to improve the efficiency of existing process purposes. That is, drawings, to promote capacity building, the completion of the needs of Party A. From the sentence, you feel that such products are generally supporting platform products. Of course, support does not mean "no cattle"

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