LEGO box parent company announced restructuring plan will be split into two independent companies


technology news September 26th morning news, PINTEC group (the original "LEGO box" parent company) announced today that its network information intermediary lending platform building blocks box (JIMUBOX) to the newly established division block group (JIMU GROUP); PINTEC group CEO Dong Jun as the building blocks of group CEO, Lego box by Xie Qun CEO as PINTEC CEO, a group COO Wei Wei took over the post of the former group.

sina science and technology learned that this restructuring is expected to be completed in the next few months. After the completion of the reorganization, PINTEC group and building blocks will become independent legal entity.

As for the reason of recombinant

, Dong Jun and Wei Wei said in two categories of business customer type, service mode, technical requirements and regulations, as well as the future development path is very different, reorganization is conducive to two teams each to focus on their own business.

PINTEC titanium

According to the

PINTEC group internal mail display, JIMU group led by Dong Jun, the group owns the building blocks box, building blocks, small loan companies such as the times, mainly to provide information network lending intermediary services, and for Small and micro businesses and personal credit service.

PINTEC group led by Wei Wei, the group’s credit, including byoyomi intelligent digital asset allocation, Hong Xuanji funds, insurance, enterprises muffin music company, positioning is intelligent financial service providers, providing intelligent financial services and solutions.

Dong Jun and Wei Wei said that after the reorganization of the two pieces of business is an independent legal entity, with their own independent brands, there will be an independent office space, management and operations team.

at the beginning of June this year, announced the LEGO box, has established the integration of business intelligence financial services group PINTEC, the group will include a countdown, fund, building blocks boxes, prices of musicians and other subsidiaries. (Xu Li)

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