Love carpool death BAT under the shadow of the nternet business

love carpool has just announced due to funding supply shortage and stop service, and drops fast and gains Sina micro-blog’s $142 million investment, the role of capital can be demonstrated in this explosive growth in the field. With the enterprise faith for the favor of capital, each with the skill of BAT with its easier said than done? Resources expansion in various industries, and even the capital also depends on the trend. Therefore, entrepreneurs seem to not open around the strong giant arrives.

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love carpool co-founder and vice president Yang Yang explained why the industry has been shut down, the capital control pattern, the current drops fast, Uber, EDAW have come up with huge subsidies, have a great impact on the industry. Love carpool from the founder has conducted three rounds of financing, in March this year, Yang Yang believes that the fast, drops launched a number of express, express the influence drops, love carpool capital operation, therefore, the fourth round of financing is not complete.

two days later, Sina micro-blog confirmed to invest $142 million drops fast, which undoubtedly formed a sharp contrast. Yang Yang believes that the travel industry is now under the control of the capital, when the giant to burn the competition, the capital will not see a small amount of entrepreneurial team.

In fact,

, on the travel market, from the beginning of the taxi taxi wars, Tencent and Alibaba on both sides of the support pieces, fast consumption of more than 1 billion yuan of funds for marketing war, with the entrepreneurial team once existed as its war shook his trick car, one hundred meters hit car quickly disappeared.

the same story continues in the car, the car market. According to Analysys think tank released yesterday "Chinese Internet carpool Industry Research Report" data show that in April this year, the domestic Internet carpool App active users daily coverage ratio, the top three are 51 car and carpool, tick every car, accounted for 59.88%, 21.71% and 15.27%, and 51 cars and vehicles every day Baidu has received a strategic investment.

in Baidu investment, 51 car CEO Li Huabing has publicly said it was ready to participate in market competition, and confidence, "if the subsidy war began, 51 vehicles will fight in the end, it is all".


anonymity believes that tick carpooling is relatively independent, but the possibility to giant camp is great, "if you do not get the relatively strong resources as the support and backing of the words, it is easy to be replaced in this market".

Analysys International analyst Zhang Xu believes that the lack of capital is the key to solve the problem of entrepreneurial team, but also the lack of resources can not be ignored. For example, WeChat and Alipay drops fast in the two platform has gathered a large number of users, with the flow of the entrance is bound to increase the capital with their own team’s confidence, which is not possessed by other entrepreneurial team. Bypassing the giant’s financing is not impossible, but judging from the value of the giant capital >

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