Gold station SkyDrive money competition plan


plan changes, this sentence is right above the money used in SkyDrive.

shareflare: after the policy change, the registration time to choose Normal. Keep in mind that Normal has Paper, Plumbum, Tin, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, which represents the level of paper, lead, tin, copper, silver, gold and platinum.

is the lowest paper, indicating that there is no gain from shareflare members. Platinum is the highest. And we specialize in China IP, the basic is in the level of tin and copper, but also more positive circumstances. Meaning thousands of IP unit price of 4$-30$, then we have to divide 5 or divide by the basis of this on the basis of. The rating is depending on the amount of downloads. Accurate point, it should be coupled with the download rate, both to download, but also the amount of downloads. In short, is that you upload your 10G file every day, but only a small number of downloads per file, your level will be reduced. (recommended)

and choose the first one, referring to the sales revenue of 60%. (not recommended)

if you choose third kinds of words, the Chinese IP download a thousand times only 0.3$-2.2$, no minimum file limit, greater than 0MB are calculated. Europe and the United States is still stored in the first sequence, thousands of downloads at 5$-33$. A full difference of 20 times. (not recommended)

freakshare: even at the lowest level, thousands of downloads unit also has 1.5 at the highest, 30. Download level, it depends on the conversion rate, that is, the number of senior members of the sale. Blindly do Chinese IP, then the amount can be downloaded, then up to second levels can be done.

if the unit price, China freakshare SkyDrive IP is now the highest. But I do not think to do Chinese IP, then we must choose freakshare. There are two reasons: 1, freakshare download waiting time is what I can not stand. 2, freakshare upload and download speed has recently become slow N. In the case of the same amount of browsing, I think freakshare is not as good as Ziddu, in the Chinese IP this piece.

Fileserve: China IP thousand download price at 0.5$-5$. Europe and the United States IP, thousands of downloads at the 3$-25$, a SkyDrive pretty good.

Ziddu: This is specifically to do Chinese IP SkyDrive, IP China thousand download price is 1$.

hotfile: I think it is the best choice, the foreign policy of IP is stable, stable speed, timely payment, a large number of foreign IP resources, hotfile SkyDrive not to be missed. Unfortunately, hotfil>

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