On the rise and the voice application pops

when we feel social photo sharing application did not engage in what has been a red sea head, quietly jumped out of the application pops, one time around a lot of products and Master geeks are beginning to share pictures with clap, and have formed a new trend. In fact, as the growth in recent weeks very quickly, almost instantly became a hot application, so that the mobile Internet has appeared a little sunshine during the second half of this year to the downturn in innovation.

horizontal association innovation

why this application can fire up? In fact, his social and other like Instagram pictures that share the difference may seem small, only in the feature is an innovative, that is your photo sharing instead of handwritten text to mark, but through a voice to release the picture behind the scenes story, and create more "information bandwidth".

this change is not originally innovation shock, after all speech applications of intelligent terminal has been popular for a long time, photo sharing would have become a widely used, but the combination of the two is beyond all expectations created a new interval, seemed all of a sudden a lot of users have been released to meet the demand but did not know.

actually, this idea I heard in 1 and a half years ago, the entrepreneurial team mentioned, but did not get the final implementation. Perhaps if the time to make such a product, it may not be popular at that time. As the author of "out of control" KK "in his book" the technical elements once described, now the technology as a kind of life is not a linear evolution but generally transverse Association tipping point after innovation. I think a typical example is when the application pops this.

the right time, the right scene

if there is no WeChat voice applications outbreak last year in the smart device, if there is no social photo sharing in the past 18 months. China mushroom blossom everywhere, such as the application may not be a hit. The right time to solve the "users have a demand on the mouth" — behind the picture with interpretation is more interesting, but we have been accustomed to the speech form, interactive interpretation and increased convenience, it also increases the "information bandwidth", this layer is bound to break like when WeChat became popular, instant release enormous energy.

In fact,

Internet innovation has always been a very important rule, that is the flow rate information (including information cost) and information bandwidth (i.e. unit information quantity) is the two important variables, each of these two things "transition" will release enormous energy. The United States Facebook, instagram, domestic nearly two years of micro-blog, WeChat Mo is not so. Rely on intelligent terminals, mobile Internet and social relationships, and now the flow of information is very clear, and this environment should be

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