Wen Wei Jonathan Lee told me to race to the finish line

lead: "people" and their own race: you rarely win over others, but this time, you go beyond their own. For a better future, work hard to win a remarkable victory.

6:00 in the morning, the Great Wall, manly climber

to twilight, the sun from the East just out from the light hair. At the foot of the Great Wall, is one with the eyes of the climbers, to climb the top of the the Great Wall. The mouth braved the cold breath, but the eyes are unusually strong. He is the Group car network CEO smell wei.

at the beginning of 05 years of entrepreneurship, he formed the habit of climbing the Great Wall, where, to make Wen Wei feel the victory. It is here, with Wen Wei’s laughter, tears, and countless stories. Climbing is not easy, entrepreneurship is not easy. Such as climbing the Great Wall, a small step to keep up with the pace, big and easy to fall. And almost every morning, Wen Wei are here, one step at a time thinking about the future of the company.

am 9:00, Beijing CBD, Inc. CEO

look forward to, the group has a network of nearly 500 employees, the station neat and uniform, each person’s face with a serious and serious. Wen Wei thought he had experienced all this, tears in her eyes. The company from less than 5 people to the present scale, he also experienced a life from peak to trough roller coaster experience.

speaking of things from the beginning of 09, the domestic group purchase market is unpopular, the U.S. group, handle all kinds of group purchase website business booming, Wen Wei seems to see the new market. Can group purchase car idle away in seeking pleasure, why not? But to start, need to take out all his savings, and even the need to borrow money from friends tube. Originally there is a stable work of Wen Wei, said to want to start a business, was opposed by the family, and even the body itself is not good mother almost admitted to the hospital. But the smell of the bones of the great fortitude, told him that his decision is right.

10:00 in the morning, the major 4S shop in Beijing, "Colonel"


company has just set up, almost No one shows any interest in. There is no flow of the site, there is no 4S shop is willing to do buy business. Every ten o’clock in the morning, Wen Wei will arrive in Beijing 4S shop to go from door to door, a summer day to need to change several shirt, shirt hot, do not wear and let people feel shameful, so Wen Wei’s bag will be filled with many pieces can change the shirt. One was soaked with sweat, then put on another one. Often 4S shop staff rushed out, that kind of lonely, hopeless deeply hurt Wei wen. He squatted down by the road, the hot sun on his back. "Am I really wrong?" a deep suspicion, like 40 degrees of hot air, hung over Wen Wei’s mind.

But those who

days, when you talk about Wei into the first 4S shop, and through the website to recruit the first car to car riders group purchase, reached a good deal.

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