Write a good soft Wen six skills necessary

we do soft Wen promotion is a generalization of methods often used in wangzhuan. Whether it is to recruit members, to promote the project or promotion website, a good article can play the game effect. Stupid Wangzhuan nets think, to write a good article, should pay attention to the following six points:

first, select the appropriate theme

first, the theme of the article should be able to meet the real needs of users, to solve the practical problems concerned about making friends. For example, SEO is now very fire, many people learn SEO, we are very concerned about the problem of how to remedy such as how to do the chain, how to make the snapshot is updated every day, the site was K, if according to their own experience, written related articles, should be very popular. Secondly, the theme is best to keep up with the hot spots. Such as the world cup, some people write about how to make use of the world cup business opportunities to make money online, Mid Autumn Festival, and some people write how to make use of the Mid Autumn Festival to make money online, but also very popular.

second, the title to make people want to click.

is the title of the soul of the article, a good title is half the success. Study on thermal and eye tracking have repeatedly proved the important role of the title. If a large number of descriptive phrases in the title, so when readers read this title will shine at the moment, what is not only the main content will be informed of the moment, will understand the value of this article. So it is necessary for us to try to use the easy to understand words in the headlines.

third, the content of the article to have the level of

is only one purpose, that is, to facilitate the reader to browse and read. Scientific proof, the human eye can only focus and Track 100 words or so of the fixed paragraph, if beyond this figure, people will not focus attention to read. This requires that we should use the natural separation of content, and as far as possible so that each paragraph has a central sentence, so that readers can quickly get information in paragraph. It usually consists of two to three segments, each segment has a subtitle, and will have a lot of space around. There is in the English website (Web Design) when to allow overseas attention, will be used in more articles in a list or modification of numbered dots. If we do this we will be able to achieve almost perfect results.

fourth, clear and concise content of the article

writing, we must have a heart of progress, with vivid language, with a positive and optimistic attitude, the use of a large number of those who have strong infection sentences to stimulate the readers’ psychology, of course, the so-called concise, is nonsense, out of order sentences, negative sentences do not appear. It is best to do a drama to express the meaning of the author. The rhetoric of piling up articles or market oriented articles will reduce readers continue to a great extent of desire, even will cause the reader’s disgust.

fifth, design excellence


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