Fresh fruit six years of evolutionary history three years 50 million users

introduction mobile and personalized reading has become an important direction of information service, the network is the fruit of typical samples of this type of service. Tencent technology Zong Xiuqian reported on October 12th


fruit net" which sounds like a website to sell fresh fruit, fruit nets CEO beam Gongjun used it to "sell" personalized information.


made RSS personalized subscription business for three years, the rise of the mobile Internet to find greater opportunities for development of fruit. In the mobile terminal, Android, iOS, fresh fruit have released the WP7 version of the end of the month, Microsoft Windows 8 officially listed on the occasion, the simultaneous launch of fruit Windows version 8. Mobile and personalized reading has become an important direction of information service, the network is the fruit of typical samples of this type of service.

6 years of personalized information service

has been engaged in the development of Internet technology in the rise of the beam when the Internet witnessed the explosive growth of information. He has a judgment, when the information is growing, personalized information is more important to individuals.

based on this concept, in 2006, he founded the fruit net, the main RSS personalized subscription, but a few years later, RSS subscription model did not become climate. Do the same business zhuaxia net sold to watercress, announced in 2011 to stop the service. Another Bo network also announced the termination of service.

March 2011, the network launched fresh fruit network mobile reading application "". The users can subscribe to the Internet application content of their own love, fruit cull and push according to the day’s hot.

select a mode of operation of such a beam, Gongjun have their own reasons.

At present,

is divided into two schools in terms of personalized information services. One is the user according to their own preferences to subscribe, Flipboard, fresh fruit as the representative. Another recommendation based on the user’s interests, foreign to Zite, the country to refer to reading as a typical representative.

according to the algorithm to calculate the user’s interest is not reliable, Liang Gongjun said. He believes that the current technology is not able to help the user to meet the needs of the recommended content, once the error is very easy to allow users to create a sense of trust to give up the product. The model does not allow users to users to subscribe to content recommendation had much blame, the application of operations only focus on user experience has been more than half the odds.

in fact, send interest maps are not into big climate, in August 2011, CNN announced the acquisition of Zite, the two sides did not disclose the purchase price, but anecdotal at between 2000-2500 million. Zite’s identity from independent applications to "help" to help CNN sites and applications to achieve more personalized content.

users subscribe to the application of the better. If >

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