Analysis of the U.S. dollar earned by the nternet dollar pass mode

Internet dollar pass – earn $


has a few friends asked me, have been talking for several days, how to talk about other.

actually. I just want to let my friends know that the mentality of money, thinking mode, the importance of search engines. Everything must be clear to do, do not blindly follow the trend. Do what you see. It’s hard for you to make money. Especially some new people. You need to look at the international market, learn the strengths of others. Instead, the use of AdSense and advertising alliance (domestic many unreliable) to earn money.

, of course, there are some domestic, for example, hang QQ brush flow to make money, etc.. I do not know the operation, I mainly give you an analysis of foreign individuals earn dollars model. Let us look at how big the foreign market!!!

in the end how to make money?? of course, there is the Internet dollar pass ah, ha ha, joking.

good start, today I’m going to talk about the individual to earn dollars more mainstream model.

1, we all know, in the eBay above sell things. On the domestic Taobao and sell things like. You can sell physical products on the Internet, you can also sell information products. In general, these sites are very large traffic. My Internet dollar pass it, the main message is to use information products to make money. This road, because some time ago, eBay has banned the sale of information products on the internet. Therefore, you can not sell the information can be downloaded directly, must be an entity. However, there are solutions, which I will mention later.

2, a friend can understand the technology in elance and rentacoder above the single, do a freelancer, work at home. That is the case, as we all know, in the United States and Western European countries, their survival cost is very high, so often their program design, web design, graphic design, cost is relatively large, usually they will choose to elance and rentacoder asks a person to do, the market is very large. In other words, outsourcing, (not usually referred to as outsourcing) and their payment system is safe. But in this way, it usually takes a lot of time. Furthermore, your credit is important. For a friend who wants to earn dollars, if you have a strong technical ability, you can do. To tell you that, in recent years, a lot of fat Indians, why? Not their technical skills, but their English is good, low cost.

3, you can do alliance products. That is, you do not need to have their own products, you can make money. Usually, it is more popular in the western countries, such as Clickbank and CJ two sites, that is, you can register as a member of their own, to sell their products. You have to do is very simple, just need to get a link address, you can. If someone buys a product through your link, you can get a commission. >

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