Grassroots can quickly and easily gold

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network, want to do Wangzhuan friends are in every little bit learning the experience of others, I write this article today, I was also a hard way along the experience, in hopes of you entering the Wangzhuan friends a little reference value


I know Wangzhuan for 8 months, I was a liberal arts, could with great potential for Wangzhuan stimulate the passion I built a website to make money. Many detours along the way, but I never thought of giving up, I only know that this is the reason for their lack of experience. A person who doesn’t know anything about web technology can now build his own website. Admire yourself (perhaps narcissism is a kind of passion, ha ha!) created the foundation for the success of my obsession for me today’s me! Here to share my experience.

I just started is a page of the upload page, very tired, do to do Wangzhuan publicity website. Lack of interactive platform. It wasn’t long before I was tired. So I started looking for friends in the network teaching, the school website every little bit, thanks to my friends here in the station "life is like a game of chess, he is very eager to teach me! So I quickly realized the application of PHPCMS system to apply this system I have for many basic station the system has been recognized, and continue to try. Hard work pays off, I can easily build their own web site, and this process I have spent half a year. Half a year of exploration and learning, and now finally have their own projects and planning, but the technology is not very strong, the basic management and modification is possible. With the project but not a good program, so I find online, I want to find the Wangzhuan program, I am very excited, the day would have bought it, immediately put on, and began to put into operation and promotion! Just a week’s time, IP=1200, PV=3200. PR=1. It only took a week. Now I actually registered members of the site there are 325 people (at this time is the number), the growth rate is very fast. Members are the target customers. You can easily provide Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project, to their products, such as selling website program, web service and so on. Very easy to have a customer! I have a week to sell a lot of successful products, because it is a virtual product, can be sold again. I believe that with the increasing number of members, my website will be better. Not only do I make up the flow of the site, the product is also good. I became more and more confident about the network. In fact, my site is not what the content of the station, is to promote the product, you can do advertising promotion. The more members, the turnover rate will be greater! Is a small website program, less than 1M, can let me easily earn the gold network


I am willing to share my Wangzhuan experience and more webmaster friends. I also hope to be able to communicate with you! Together with the money! I would like to publish their own web site address for your reference, but this will be considered AD, so I will not stay!

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