Employees talk about GitHub’s success efficiency, asynchronous and innovation



this article by GitHub employees Zach Holman writing, the original title for the GitHub how to operate, the tone is easy, so that the reader from the perspective of the staff is how to succeed GitHub. This is the full text.

1911, Frederic · · Winslow; Taylor wrote a book "the principles of scientific management". In the book, he first used the scientific method to achieve the principle of efficiency of CO production. Time is money, the sooner the better, the more time it takes, the higher the quality.

In many industries,

is an important method to judge the efficiency of production, but it is different in the code. The experience of working in an Internet startup is quite different from the experience in the factory, and programming problems can never be solved by spending more time. Similarly, programming is an innovative act. High quality code can only be written when the programmer is very clear.

peak state

we found that if the task entrusted to the work of the full trust to do, they can not only guarantee the quality of the task, but also have the time to do other things efficiently. Do you remember the last time you were unhappy or depressed? Did you have a high productivity at that time? Think about what you did last time. The programmer’s fingertip knock code, code number does not mean that the quality is high. When you are in a good mood, knock out the code a day or even worse than a few weeks to knock out bad code quality.

so, GitHub needs employees as much as possible in the peak state. If they are given a regular commute time, they will reduce their chances of getting into the peak. As for me, I never showed up at the office before 9 a.m., but more than half of GitHub’s employees work best in the morning.

The implementation of the flexible

system can create an atmosphere where employees are willing to work. However, this may also cause overtime, but more than a few hours of time is also very efficient time. Therefore, both in the weekend to work overtime, but also to work overtime at night, but also have the option to work overtime during the day, as long as they are willing to, as far as possible not to let them work in a bad time.

my day trip

GitHub is different for every employee, and so am i.. I travel every day is different, but generally similar:

get up at 10 in the morning to deal with the rest of the day and new problems this morning

go to work by bus, 12 /1 point to eat a lunch

starts from 1 p.m. to 6-9 p.m.

go home to rest or continue

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