College student T business plan

      some years ago, we look forward to the IT industry, IT industry as sacred, many Silicon Valley stories give us a lot of inspiration, IT industry can not only create a lot of rich, but many of them are young students, then IT is a myth……

    a few years later, we entered the IT industry, found that IT is not so mysterious. It is true that IT created a lot of myths, Yahoo, Microsoft and so on is the myth of the early IT, and now Google is coming, China’s Baidu is also listed, creating a lot of millionaires. China many NASDAQ listed companies, the first NetEase, Sina, Sohu, and then the qianchengwuyou, Ctrip, eLong, air network, TOM, Linktone, financial sector, Focus Media, Techfaith, SMIC, AsiaInfo, 9, CDC software (China doc com), now baidu. China currently has 18 listed companies in the city, next year there are more. If you look at the future of the IT industry is very bright, perhaps IT industry in the mature. But what meaning behind the mature, a mature industry can often make a lot of talent, once the industry matures, the day is not easy to start empty-handed was born, what, it is difficult to. Here is no problem in turn around, because I want to put the background, and then illustrate the experts in this field are under their own research, veteran is not to engage in the Internet, just a personal webmaster, or is an undergraduate, write this article here, only is he still in the Internet in English for a few years, there has been a point of view of the IT industry, the Internet industry itself, then write it down, you can see, do not know if there is no merit.

    now it is difficult to make IT really, if you’re a student, I’m not kidding you. You may have heard of a Canadian students before, at the age of 9 or so, on the Internet to earn a lot of money in 2000, he was with the Canadian Prime Minister’s visit to China, the child can become Bill · we do not discuss here the second gates. Such a small child can become rich, only IT can be achieved, but now in China, do you say it? Anyway, for I have not heard that before there is a Heilongjiang Mohe County prodigy, now do not say, the results I do not know how. Just said IT is difficult because of the high starting point now IT needs, I took the Internet a side note, the time before 2000, 1-2 Zhang static pages can earn 2-3 million, a dynamic web page that is very good. The child is Canada by doing "to make money, the first Alibaba Ma accumulation funds I think is doing" earn, but now a web tool, not a row of writing code. And the Chinese people will do too many pages, ASP!

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