05 entrepreneurs to help mass market accidental nevitable

last night, the car home landing the NYSE, then ushered in a good start. Opening price of $30.16, compared with $17 issue price rose by 77.4%, the company’s market capitalization reached $3 billion 170 million. As of September 30th, car home 12 months before the $172 million in revenue, net profit of $61 million 760 thousand.

After two years of silence,

seems to have regained its vitality. Following the 58 city and go after the listing in the United States, the most popular players 3G portal parent jiubang digital and 500 lottery network is this period of time in the overseas listing. It is said that there are several are to prepare for a listing of materials make no reply.

this release makes the domestic Internet Co really excited one, and led the wave tide listed 58 city and where the performance after IPO is also gratifying, on the first day of opening to go. It is worth mentioning that the two companies and the car home has the same background, were born in 2005, with the 2005 entrepreneurs to help, after experiencing the eight years of war, began to embrace the harvest. In the "entrepreneur" magazine in 11, we made a sketch of this group, attracted a lot of hot.

in the next ten days, we continue to dig deep, trying to find out how these companies can have a common cause. After all, in dozens of Internet Co is scanned out, not only to achieve the earlier listed Qihoo 360, companies such as YY, Skye, renren.com, potatoes and other