‘ve done a couple of Web sites

my site is TXT novel download, at www.shuchina.com, when do the following day IP alliance is about 20 thousand, you can control your own website. Compare the following simple introduce several union I do, the following is my personal experience, if you see the union related bad words. Please forgive me, I want to know its shortcomings and disadvantages recognized we can get good reputation.

1, Google adsense
gg 1 and a half months, a total income of $640, hit rate of around 2%, the price can also, but has not received pin code, for two times still not received, then GG advertising, third times for 20 days after the change of address received pin code, at present wait for the Google to issue a cheque, cheque is received after the GG code to hang. In short the GG alliance is a good alliance.
2, Baidu
3, Sogou alliance
3, color library, color show ringtone alliance
may I stand for download, do not walk what alliance, I think the color library union buckle quantity more powerful, 20 thousand IP station daily income of only a few dollars, and more than and 40 dollars which I now do not, also do not payment standard. From the color library did not earn money.
4 eqifa.com
eqifa, together with the alliance on the whole I think is good, I only do the Western 50 yuan 1000IP click, click, click on my rate of around 3%, the daily income of about 10-20, can, over 100 payment, payment in a timely manner.
5, thunderbolt alliance
because I download station, do the thunder is quite appropriate, I made a total of 1000 half thunderbolt, download 3 dollars, the income is good, every day download revenue more than and 10, at the same time the thunder search alliance, income is better than the download, just at the end of 6 the thunder changed the rules, resulting in revenue plummeted, originally only less than half. Thunder union generally good, recommended to download the station to do.
6, Qihoo alliance
qihoo click rate is good, that is, there is a phenomenon of deduction, I earn about 10 yuan a day, if I can find other good similar alliance, I will not do qihoo.
7, one of the league’s most junk I have seen popcorn pomoho
the deduction amount’s malicious, do not do.
8, mop alliance