Application will receive welcome to Google AdSense email!


start advertising Google on your website and run AdSense for search.

The first step:

startup account.Please visit the

email address and password to login to your account, and agree to the terms of the AdSense.

The second step:

only need to operate in accordance with the "AdSense settings" tab in the steps, can copy Google code and stick

paste into your website. Your website will soon display Google ads and run AdSense for


third step: view results.


* framework

* form and dynamic contentThe image of

* too much

* requires login and password

More technical guidelines and recommendations for this program on Hl=zh_CN

important note:

* if your AdSense content and for AdSense for search revenues

US$50, we will send the personal identification number to your mailing address. You enter your personal identification number

account information page, we can pay for you. During this time, you can still display ads on the web page

* if Google has not been crawling your site, it may take several hours to see your targeted wide

. You may see public service advertisements (no ads)