Yiqifa network mall the return of the king, Yiqifa joint landing

network operators:  

        network (  www.M18.com  Chinese) was opened by the largest mail order company in Shanghai Mcglaughlin international mailorder Co. Ltd. in April 2000 an e-commerce portal.   network mainly through online commodity sales and service to provide comprehensive, timely, convenient and high-quality, the establishment of functional diversification, the use of simple and quick, convenient with the shopping online store, consumers become China preferred shopping site, its slogan is through the use of the Internet which is a convenient tool to minimize cost, convenience and benefit to the consumers.  

* network provides a richer and more favorable for merchandise, fashion apparel, jewelry watches, Home Furnishing life, beauty care, pet products such as    
* network has a perfect payment platform, the status of various payment methods adapted to the domestic. The coupon payment, network support account cash account payment, postal remittance, credit card payment, the bank commissioned by telegraphic transfer, cash on delivery, online payment and other payment methods, fully adapt to the domestic e-commerce environment. Online payment support SET protocol and SSL protocol and other online payment methods.  
* network has a complete logistics system: network support post, EMS, express delivery and other delivery methods, can satisfy different needs of delivery. The company has ten thousand square meters of delivery center with the ability to contract ten thousand, far ahead of most B2C e-commerce sites.  
    & nbsp;    ;         effective gift card sales of 0-1 million     2%    1-10 million   3%

: 27217362

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