Microsoft Shen Xiangyang large companies need technical reserves in order to protect Jiangshan

technology to product conversion, in the end what is the relationship?

        Shen Xiangyang, Microsoft’s senior vice president, search and advertising chief scientist

March 25th, Microsoft’s senior vice president and chief scientist Shen Xiangyang, search advertising hit things interview, he released the topic to product conversion technology view. He believes that large companies to ensure that the land does not fall, the need for a complete set of technical reserves system.

The following is

Shen oral:

technology to product conversion is a big issue. I have done many years of technology, in the past few years to do some products and management. I feel that to be successful in business, technology is a necessary condition, not a sufficient condition.

technology in business success, there are three things to think about. If you want to venture out, the first thing to think about: what is the business model, user experience, technical reserves. These three things form a Pyramid.

as long as the business model is clear, you are on the high ground. No one is going to do this thing, but you do it, it doesn’t matter, technology can be improved slowly.

has a theory that there are only two years of technology gap, but I do not agree. It’s not a two – year gap, but if you have enough time, you can get up.

technology to the transformation of the product, in the end what is the relationship? In fact, there are only two ways, one is "pull" relationship; one is "push" relationship, or the two.

"pull" the relationship is, first look at this technology you have? If you have, we have to; if not, we go to the acquisition, it is too late to do.

like Microsoft’s success, in fact it, but we do not know of a new technology where. So do a bunch of technology. Google sounds sexy today. It’s a driverless car. But this kind of thing, what do you say?. Innovation this thing is very random.

I have always felt that the country should come up with funds to do innovation, the university should also do innovation in order to make the whole community to do the reserves, perhaps some students take a technology to do it.

in fact, large companies to do a certain degree, there will be a certain responsibility to society – they should go to innovation. Microsoft research, IBM and AT& T Research Institute is not necessarily helpful for the company, but it is very helpful for the whole society.

from technology to products, the vast majority of technical personnel have no ability. The engineers of the Institute can do well in technology, but they don’t have time to think about it every day. In reality >

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