December 12 Sunstar password was the national sunshine fund $10 million A round of investment

according to the latest news, star password official December 12th day, Shenzhen sunshine star password Global Fund Management Co., led the Xingze global (Shenzhen) millions of dollars A round of investment of equity investment enterprises.

star password "Internet plus" era of innovative enterprises

star Limited by Share Ltd was founded in June 2015, mainly located in the Internet entrepreneurial crowd, focused on providing one-stop service for online entrepreneurs. Has been adhering to the "Internet plus more simple, let the Internet business development more simple", the first effort to build a business service platform


star password founding shareholders, working hard in the Internet industry for a long time, has a very rich experience in the Internet business. It is very understanding of Internet entrepreneurs demand, thus more accurate positioning of the star password, the business scope of the company, focusing on the Internet marketing and sales of electricity providers of professional services, the technology can be widely used in different stages and levels of Internet entrepreneurs demand for online business knowledge and technology.

global solar fund favored development model

2015 the Internet market downturn, many Internet Co financing becomes more difficult. In this environment, but with the Internet Password star business service platform model successfully completed the A round of ten million U.S. dollars level of financing. Shenzhen sunshine Global Fund Management Limited company spokesman said that the choice of star password, because to see the star code innovative business model and numerous technological innovations, is very optimistic about the future development of star password.

Shenzhen global sunshine fund management company limited in November 2013 07 in Shenzhen, Qianhai Shenzhen Hong Kong cooperation Development Zone registered, the registered capital of three hundred million, office address is located in Shenzhen landmark Kingkey 100 building.

according to the founder of the star password revealed that the financing of resources and funds, will be mainly used in the development of new products, new projects to start and update the company’s technical level. The future star password team will continue to focus on technology and improve service, and constantly improve their own strength, improve the "Internet plus" mode.