Ali and Tencent red war who is superior

New Year approaching, the mobile phone has become a red envelope to pass the happiness and contact a new way of feeling.

On the eve of the Spring Festival

2014, Tencent launched WeChat red reached the mobile payment, WeChat users to pay more out of night break billion. According to official statistics, according to the official statistics, as of 2014 New Year’s Eve: the average 10.7 yuan per red envelope, the total number of people involved in the red envelope activities of the highest peak of the red envelope was opened in 4 million 820 thousand.


a burst of red envelopes Ma was known in the field of mobile payments is "the attack on Pearl Harbor". In 2015, the 8.5 version of Alipay wallet on the line specially plus a red envelope function, and put in the middle of the apparent position of the strong force to "revenge". Sina micro-blog, unfamiliar street, mobile phone QQ subsequently launched a red envelope. With WeChat again blocked Alipay interface to Alipay, Sina, let micro-blog Ali and WeChat, QQ based Tencent more tense.

red envelopes the real purpose of the war

for Ali and Tencent, the red hand war is great in strength and impetus to train users of mobile payment habits, through the red channel together to mobile payment market bigger; on the other hand is to seize the mobile payment right, who can win more users, who can be in after the grafting mode has more right to speak.

for businesses, when the red envelopes, the user’s attention is highly concentrated, the mood is relatively high; after the red envelopes can also detonate the user’s forwarding and discussion. At the same time in the atmosphere of the Spring Festival, red is equivalent to virality, plus the general amount of red is not high, the business equivalent of less cost to get the exposure of highly dense.

for the stars, the platform through the star as a link to the spread of more people to spread, strengthen the brand effect of the star, increasing the interaction of the star and the user. Through interaction, the star gets a sense of satisfaction and a lot of publicity.

for the user, the red envelope allows users to get a surprise and real income.

pros and cons of both models

The essence of

red envelopes is social rather than trading, red envelopes is a fun activity is also a way to maintain feelings.

Tencent with billions of users and daily activity is very high, the building itself has good social relationship network. WeChat red is equivalent to the strong ties to the user’s social relationships, while WeChat red compared with more entertainment and gameplay. Overall, WeChat red on user psychology and behavior is in place to handle.

WeChat focuses on social networking, Alipay focuses on transaction. So Alipay in the social function is relatively weak, on the user’s emotional grasp lack. Alipay’s advantage is through the development of electricity providers and Internet financial accumulation, users are accustomed to the use of cross platform, WeChat payment has not yet reached this level.

WeChat as Alipay mature in the application scenario, so as.

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