2012 business situation Liu Qiang East Fourth comment broad picture

2012 will soon be over, a review of the development situation this year, can not use the "chaos" simple generalization, I think is more suitable for Chinese raging like a storm in 2012 the whole electricity supplier. In the era of electricity providers and sensitive to any action, the giants will be thorough interpretation, as Taobao announced in 2013, announced the "ban" rebate website, industry insiders have speculated that this is in order to better gather resources consumption, enhance their own jifenbao position, and more details about the electricity supplier development. I think the only true talent electricity providers do have the right to speak, and Liu Qiangdong is one of the representative. And I also from his interview with reporters, feel the current situation of the development of the electricity supplier.

Internet retail platform is not destined to develop

in 2012 can be said to be the electricity supplier capital a year of severe competition, can also be said that we have to integrate their resources for development of the year, after a year of development so that any enterprise are aware of the future development of the retail platform alone obviously can not meet the needs of the times, like Jingdong, is no longer a pure 3C. It’s involved in many areas of digital home appliances, life services, leisure and entertainment, even the logistics, Jingdong have contact, and this series of action shows the future development of the electricity supplier is not vertical retail can Hold live, and compared to the traditional business, the future of the Internet industry even segments, will take the traditional electricity supplier of the old, just put on the Internet is to achieve shop coat, join, self-sufficient sales channels, large platform specific derivative Quantity brand.

any control over the seller’s resources is futile

this year, Taobao is a frequent action of a year for Taobao passenger who is also a very miserable year, with Taobao to Amoy limit the development of more and more, the future guest web site life cycle has apparently entered the countdown, and just yesterday, the Ali Co announced the beginning of January 2013, commercial behavior. The rebate site is no longer supported so far, the development potential of the site disappeared almost as far as amoy. Although the official said the existence of Amoy Amoy buy solely caused by the bad environment, but it is undeniable that there is a part of the website Amoy small sellers get the chance of development, development and control of Amoy Ali group, obviously is the form of control the seller resources, so this time we can naturally associate it with ALI group for Jingdong in the ban, so that businesses in the one or two election to participate in the activities of ten is a stark example, but from the words of Liu Qiangdong, we can feel now is an industry of interconnected era, user experience is essential, no one wants to control the seller behavior of resources will lead to the loss of the interests of users and this will obviously make businesses and users of collective disgust, a long time, will inevitably cause a serious blow to its own brand.

2012 China electricity supplier, the market said

I would like to from 20007 years, Jingdong is on the line, off

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