Garbo to babe network 9.8 anniversary heavy back 50 million mom

is the largest professional maternal APP babe network in September 8th to 12 held the "babe anniversary celebration", in addition to their baby full 300 minus 300 "and so on a series of preferential activities, the international well-known brand baby food executives video to celebrate Beibei Jiabao anniversary, and during the anniversary celebrations will also send babe some columns store huge benefit activities, Jiabao full 199 minus 30, more super multi surprise gift sent. Buy baby, baby, buy jiabao. You babe.


Jiabao is an American brand, already has 80 years of professional experience, is a time tested baby food brand. Its raw materials from the global quality farm, strict soil safety tests to ensure that no harmful pesticide residues. Stick to within 24 hours, from the acquisition of raw materials to production as a whole bottle, which let the baby get optimal nutrition. Among them, Jiabao Rice noodles offers more than 20 kinds of nutrient elements for the baby update formula can help children form a taste good, healthy eating habits, help the healthy growth of babies.


As the largest professional

Chinese maternal APP, on the 9.8 anniversary celebration of the occasion, babe network to join Garbo, provides premium gift for 50 million Chinese mom, Jiabao full 199 minus 30, all kinds of products, has a large promotional efforts carnival. It is worth mentioning that, during the 3.8 anniversary celebration of Beibei, the goods over 300 back to 300, the intensity of activity is quite large. As the largest professional China maternal APP will once again set off a babe baby shopping carnival.

according to the babe network staff, participate in the 9.8 anniversary celebration of the babe network big up to thousands, include some of the big domestic and foreign mothers most trusted. Which are the ten of the big executives personally recorded video behind babe network 9.8 anniversary. The mother and child in big Beibei activity intensity is great, launched the 100 brand with the full cut, full support of Beibei 9.8 anniversary.

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